Thursday, August 19, 2010

a rainbow thursday

next week’s colour prompt: kiwi AND/OR burgundy

If it wasn't for blue we wouldn't be here so following her tradition of always ending her colour posts with a cake. this weeks foodible inspiration is courtesy of tofu for two… and yep if you want to go all out the link takes you to a recipe for kiwifruit cupcakes, but wait there's more... this week's a bit spesh cosh you have the option of playing burgundy too (a special request from blue) the yummy burgundy iced cupcake pic is courtesy of cupcake sweets...have fun and see you next week!

Please link to the exact post or image that correlates with your rainbopost for this week. Also, if there is no mention of blue's thursday meme and a link on your post, your link may be deleted. Part of the fun of having weekly prompts is the sharing so please visit some of the other submissions below and leave them some love & licks!

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